Volunteers at PTFD

The Peters Township Fire Department has a volunteer on duty shift program that was created in late 2009. Through the program, members sign up for a four hour “shift” where they work alongside career personnel in an effort to provide additional manpower and station staffing during daylight and evening hours, and other times of need.

In addition to providing added manpower, the program affords the opportunity for one on one training, a better understanding of day to day operations, and a greater working relationship between crews.

The department will continue this program into 2018 and is looking forward to maximizing the abilities of the program and staffing to better support the department’s operations and overall protection of the Township.

The department has stayed consistent with members over the past few years, even as some members retired, others moved in to “fill their boots”. We have been fortunate to have brought in members who moved to the area that were already trained and with other departments. We recognize that some members will not be here forever and we strive to keep qualified members in these positions as a part of our succession plan. The department will continue its recruitment and retention efforts into 2018.

The chart above includes only active firefighters (including new recruits). It does not include junior members or firefighters that were on a leave of absence for medical, educational, or personal reasons for a majority of 2017. In 2017, the department had a total of 29 volunteer members including members on leave for medical, educational, or personal reasons.

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