Peters Township Fire Department Receives $82,000.00 in Grants


Peters Township, PA (August 24th, 2018)

Peters Township Fire Department awarded $82,000.00 in Grant Funding

The Peters Township Fire Department is pleased to announce that it has been chosen as a recipient of approximately $82,000.00 in grant funding through the award of (2) separate grants.

Assistance to Firefighters (AFG) Grant

Peters Township Fire Department will receive $60,000.00 from the AFG Grant for firefighter health and safety. These funds will be used to install an apparatus exhaust removal system in both of our fire stations. This is a major benefit and safety factor for cancer prevention of our personnel, removing both harmful emissions from the air and preventing accumulated emissions on turnout gear and all equipment and apparatus in the fire stations.

Staffing for Adequate Firefighter and Emergency Responders (SAFER) Grant

The Department of Homeland Security has approved Peters Township Fire Department’s request of $21,500.00 to be used for volunteer firefighter recruitment and retention. These funds will be used to update our print and video media and marketing materials, as well as create incentives for both new and current firefighters.
We would like to thank all of our personnel for their hard work and dedication in obtaining these much-needed grants.

The Peters Township Fire Department is a combination career and volunteer organization located in Washington County, PA. The Department provides fire, emergency medical, and various rescue services to the residents of Peters Township and surrounding communities. The Department maintains a roster of approximately 45 firefighters, responding to an average of 1,300 alarms annually.

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