Report a Crime

We are committed to the prompt and professional investigation of all crimes, whether reported by private citizens or directly observed by officers on the street. If you are the victim of a crime, or believe one has been, is currently being, or about to be committed, there are several options available for you to make a report. If it is determined that a crime has been committed, the Peters Township Police Department has a few different ways to do so:

Option #1: Call 911. The Washington County Dispatch center will take your call and dispatch an officer to your location. If you have an emergency, where there is an immediate threat to persons or property, please utilize this service.

Option #2: You may walk into the Peters Township Police Department lobby between the hours of 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday to make a report. This option is useful when the crime is not in progress and does not require an immediate response from an officer. Any crime not in progress may be reported using this option.