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Submitting Permits & Applications Via Email

Building permit submittals and submittals for the other types of applications through the Township Planning Department can be emailed to us

Please note, each application requires a certain number of items to be included in the submittal. Please check the application form for the permit you are seeking to ensure you included the necessary materials. A printing fee may also be added to the overall permit fee.

Planning Department

Call 724-942-5005 for questions or concerns. Permit applications can either be submitted via email or dropped off at the Municipal Building.

Building Inspections

Call 724-942-5008 with any questions or to schedule a Township Building Inspector.

About the Planning Department

Peters Township is made up of a variety of people, places, and ideas. For the community to thrive, it is crucial that a clear, concise, and unified vision for its current and future direction is established. 

By working side-by-side with residents, developers, elected officials, community stakeholders, and other Township departments, the Planning and Inspection Department determines what aspects of the community need to be preserved, enhanced, and reinvented to suit its ever-changing economic, social, and environmental needs. 

In order to accomplish this, the Planning Department prepares and implements plans and policies, reviews and analyzes development proposals, and enforces rules and regulations that help govern the course of the community.


The Planning Department is responsible for a myriad of planning, inspection, and enforcement functions including:

  • Administering and updating the Peters Township Comprehensive Plan, the Township Zoning Ordinance, and the Subdivision and Land Development Regulations.
  • Reviewing, analyzing, and overseeing complex public and private development proposals to ensure consistency with applicable federal, state, and local regulations.
  • Building and maintaining a GIS system for property record management and analysis.
  • Conferring with engineers, developers, architects,  a variety of agencies, and the general public in acquiring information and coordinating planning, zoning, subdivision, building, environmental, and related matters.
  • Serving as a liaison to the Planning Commission, Zoning Hearing Board, and Township Council by presenting pertinent information regarding cases and development proposals and making recommendations to the boards concerning those proposals. Also, the Department is responsible for educating members on current trends and practices in the area of land use and zoning.
  • Providing information to developers, property owners, and the general public regarding Township projects, comprehensive plans, and private development proposals.
  • Enforcing the zoning code and property maintenance code and issuing citations for non-compliance.
  • Reviewing permit applications, issuing building and related permits, and inspecting buildings and properties to ensure compliance with applicable codes and ordinances.
  • Responding to difficult and sensitive public inquiries and complaints and assisting residents to resolve issues.
  • Monitoring changes in laws, regulations, and technology that may affect Township or departmental operations and implementing policy and procedural changes as required.