Environmental Quality Board


The Peters Township Environmental Quality Board (EQB) was created in 1982 to assist the Township in developing policies and programs to preserve and enhance the character of Peters Township.  For more information, please contact Ryan Jeroski, Assistant Township Manager, at 724-941-4180.


Peters Township residents will be actively engaged in environmentally responsible and sustainable practices worthy of our growing community.


The Environmental Quality Board educates, enhances, and advocates for our community's environmental quality and sustainability for current and future generations.

We create opportunities for our community to actively engage in creating a positive environment by:

  • Fostering innovative programs and community practices
  • Providing resources and/or guidance to Council on emerging environmental issues
  • Partnering with other Peters Township boards to create high quality programming for citizens
  • Prioritizing sustainability
  • Promoting communication and coordination between residents, boards, and other Township offices

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