Cable Television

For over 40 years, Peters Township Community Television (PTCT) has been assisting residents of Peters Township in the creation of informational, educational, and entertaining video series and programs.  These programs are crewed by Peters Township resident volunteers and Peters Township High School media students under the assistance of PTCT staff.  The station is located in Peters Township High School.

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Get Involved

All residents are invited to get involved!  Individualized training on equipment such as cameras, video editing software, and audio is available.  Or perhaps you're interested in sharing your interests with the residents of Peters Township by hosting your own TV show!  The staff can work with you on developing a format for your show and will provide experienced volunteers to crew your program.

Control room
Concert in the park

Types of Programs

Over the years, volunteers of PTCT have produced a wide range of programs.  Some of these have included: informational talk shows on health, sports, technology, pets, books, arts, exercise, history, and politics as well as Township and School District meetings and events, concerts, plays, musicals, sporting events, political debates, and church services.

Commencement cermony
Recording a show at the library
Camera at stadium

Facilities & Equipment

PTCT offers many facility and equipment options for training and recording  programs.

Single-Camera: PTCT has multiple single-camera packages available on which residents can be trained and then borrow.  These are perfect for recording events, sports, plays, and interviews.

Multi-Camera: For larger events, PTCT has a multi-camera package available in its production van to record events such as the Peters Township High School Commencement ceremony and the Township's Summer Concert Series.  There are three cameras, a video switcher, audio mixer, and graphics.

Studio: The station houses two fully-equipped studio spaces, each with three cameras, teleprompters, and a full lighting grid all wired to a central control room.  The studios are home to multiple sets including a couch set, various desk sets, and a green screen.  These sets are where many of the station's talk shows and student productions are recorded.

Control Room: The PTCT control room links together video, audio, and communication between the station's two studios and various locations throughout the high school.  These locations are connected via fiber optic cable, which allows productions to happen just about anywhere in the high school building.  Volunteers have many crew positions from which to choose in the control room including the producer, director, technical director, teleprompter operator, stats, scorebug, graphics, video playback, and camera shading.

Audio: The station has an audio recording booth that enables audio from all around the building to be mixed into the production utilizing the latest Dante technology.  This allows for the audio to flow through computer network switches from anywhere.

Editing: The station is home to eight editing workstations housed in a preproduction room.  This room doubles as the high school Media Department's classroom during the school day.  Each editor is equipped with the Adobe suite of editing tools including Premiere, Photoshop, and After Effects.

Control room
Production truck

How to Watch

PTCT manages three channels on both the Comcast and Verizon cable services in and around the Peters Township area.  In addition, the majority of the station's programming is available for viewing for free online to anyone in the world.

Public Access/Community Programming: Comcast Channel 21 & Verizon Channel 38
Here you can catch all of the station's studio talk shows, community events, school events, plays, concerts, church services, and much more.  In between programming you will find a computer bulletin board promoting events for non-profit groups as well as short Township-related informational videos that keep residents informed of new services and opportunities available in Peters Township.

Government Access: Comcast Channel 95 & Verizon Channel 40
Township Council and Planning Commission meetings can be found on the Government Access Channel.  The station also airs Township meeting information, notices, and other Township news.

Educational Access: Comcast Channel 98 & Verizon Channel 39
School Board meetings and Peters Township School District information and notices can be found on the Educational Access Channel.

Online: The majority of PTCT programming can be viewed by anyone at any time on the station's Vimeo and YouTube pages.  There you can find all of the talk shows, student programming, sporting events, Township and School District events and meetings, and much more.  Programs can be downloaded from our Vimeo page.  Subscribing to our YouTube channel will allow you to keep up-to-date on all of the new video productions available to watch.

Getting Started

Almost all of the programming that is seen on PTCT is produced by volunteers who are residents of Peters Township.  The station's staff is available for training and guidance to help volunteers learn how to format a show or operate a camera.  The station does not "cover" events like a news station does, but rather assists people who want to record shows and events.  Staff is available to assist anyone that has an idea for a talk show, wants to oversee the recording of a sporting event, or just wants to learn how to use a camera.  

For more information on how to get involved, contact Kelsey Sylvester at